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My Droid X2's battery life?

Earlier today, I noticed that my phone keeps dying whenever it is unplugged from its charger. Not only that, but when it is actually charging on the charger, (not the original charger, but one I've been using for quite some time) it will not fully charge. The most I can get it up to is 60%, and as soon as it's off the charger, it dies completely, instantly. I have tired removing the battery from the phone for up to 1 whole hour and putting it back in the phone, and still no results. I have had this phone for a few months now (it's a replacement after my last one ended up in the toilet) and I'm due for a new phone in late April (2 year contract is ending). I have not tried using another charger yet, but when i get the chance I will. Thanks for your help.

Re: My Droid X2's battery life?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Yep, I'd try another charger to rule out a bad charger.  If you still have issues with a different charger, it could be a bad battery.

Re: My Droid X2's battery life?
Customer Support

Dear Heather_lb,

Good afternoon. Ensuring your battery stays charged is extremely important. I will be more than happy to assist with your equipment and battery concerns.

When your phone was replaced, was your battery also replaced? Have you tried using a different charger to see if it is possibly the charger? If not, please try a different charger. Is there any physical or water damage to your device?

If you are still experiencing battery life issues after trying a different charger, please feel free to reach out to us. Have a great weekend.

Thank You,
VZW Support
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