My entire home screen went blank with x across screen

Today i went to look at my phone and my wallpaper had disapeared replaced with a cloudy background with an x on it.  All my icon/widgets have completely disapeared off of all my screens,Gone..poofed Smiley Sad

I was able to get my wallpaper back on but now i have to go through and add all the shortcuts back to all my different pages of my screens,not even sure if it will work or not..Even the prepolulated ones have dispaeared.

Does anyone know why this happened or what caused it...Its very frustrating to say the least.

Thank you in advance for any input you can give.

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I would say you have a bad wallpaper did you get it from a Site or something or was it one that came with the Device when you Bought it sometime if you get a download an it is from an Untrusted site it can go Viral on the phone i would get rid of it then perform a Soft reset Pull the Battery while the phone is on an then Hold your Power button for 25 sec. with the Battery out. then re install the battery power the phone up an see if things have returned to Normal..