My phone keeps turning on and off

My phone keeps turning off by itself and it will turn itself back on, the only way i can keep it from turning off is having music playing or using it, and as you are aware doing this all day long kills the battery, i have been to the Verizon store they gave me a new battery and did a factory restore and it worked up until i left the parking lot and it shut itself off again, its really frustrating, the phone is maybe 6months old, anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it?

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Re: My phone keeps turning on and off
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Do you have Advanced Auto Task Killer installed? If so, remove it.  It worked for me.

Re: My phone keeps turning on and off
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Hey johneigh1!

A power cycling phone sure can get old really fast so please know I'm ready to find the perfect solution to keep it on until you say otherwise. At this point, I'm very glad to know that you've gone through with some troubleshooting including a master reset but I've got an idea for something else we can try that should help.

Have you tried putting your phone into safe mode ? This will allow us to isolate the issue to either the device itself or potentially an application. Please try this tactic and let us know how it responds. If all goes well while in safe mode, there may be an app that we'll want to get rid of.

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Re: My phone keeps turning on and off
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How many apps did you put on after the factory rest? Hint, that's the problem.