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Need Backup assist help

So ive had no issues with my andriod untill a few days. Like my 3G bars arent blue anymore and everytime i connect to wi-fi the bar still arent blue. I have unlimited data and everything but nothing works. also i changed my email on the pc but now it wont work on my phone everytime i enter the correct password says its incorect. I checked the attached accounts on my phone and the backup assistant isnt working for my google account. The verizon reps in my town arent worth a penny for help so someone help please.

Re: Need Backup assist help
Customer Support

Sizo, I have a penny for your thoughts! Let's get your Droid X working like it should. Is this issue with internet intermittent, or is it consistently not working whether on 3G or Wifi? If there is no connection, that would explain why the email is not recognizing your new password. First, please dial *228 option 2 and reboot your phone. If still losing data signal remove your battery for a few seconds then re-insert. Have you installed any new applications in the last few days. If no change, boot your phone into safe mode to see if you're able to consistently connect to data. Safe mode disables third party apps to see if one may be causing the issue. If the issue is resolved in safe mode, try removing some apps, especially any that may affect data or battery saver applications. If no change, a hard reset would be the last step

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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Re: Need Backup assist help

I am having the exact same problem Smiley Sad so frustrating!

Re: Need Backup assist help

Frustrating? Try this. Phone would not sync to gmail - 3hrs online with rep to fix. Tech finally got it right. Wife's Droid X kept freezing, rebooting itself and losing contact and calendar info. We jumped through all the "reboot, try this, try that - razz matazz; no luck." Wife then bought a new Galaxy S3 last week and had all kinds of problems. Ended up taking back today, supposedly a bad phone. All contact and calendar info is now scrambled and no way of getting contact info from old Verizon online backup, as the service apparently is no more. I have old Droid x that had been working fine until I tried to get to the backup assistant web page today (6/5/13) to upgrade contact info. After jumping through multiple searches for about an hour, seems Verizon has hidden that page (now links to a blank page) and you have to stop your browser or it immediately refers you to the new "upsell" pages for Verizon "cloud" Assistant+.  Old link was

After logging in you are referred to this backup assistant page - which is completely blank. No contact info!

Wife says all her contact info is now listed on Google, but not Verizon! No hint of how, when or where it got moved. Google just did it! So much for being able to control your own private information and storage of it!

If I tried the auto logger I have installed on my machine (same logon info and password since I purchased the Droid) I get the following:

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Seems like the server "got broken."

Not remotely interested in more "cloud" upsell charges. Just wish the old Backup Assistant was still there and I could backup my contact info by syncing as usual. NOT!!!!!!