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Need Help! I'm Very Angry at my phone and the Replacement Junk Phone!

Hello everyone... recently my phone just stopped working, ( as in i couldnt make any calls out or receive calls, and couldnt get on the internet, no text , its just like my phone was shut off( it said no service and mobile network not available), but the thing is when i would get to another area where 4g was i could actually access the internet but i couldnt make any calls or receive them or send texts) I thought maybe verizon were updating the towers where i stay , but after about 3 days of no service i began to wonder.. so i asked a guy if he have verizon service and if his service was up and he said i went to the store and talked to a sales clerk and told him about my problem, and he was trying to help, but we came to no resolution, so he said that he was going to ship me another Droid Charge.. and it would be in monday , which is today, so i was happy to get it until, i turned it on and the Screen sucks, its not as beautiful as my screen, its like a cheap quality screen, it resembles looking at one of the motion type pictures, in which you would move it left and right and it seem like the picture was moving, that is how the screen look, that is the best way i can explain it... but i hate this replacement phone so much, i dont want it and i cant enjoy it, cause the screen really does suck, you can see the lines and i cant watch my movies in style... What should i do ... can someone help me out .. cause i want what i paid for...

Re: Need Help! I'm Very Angry at my phone and the Replacement Junk Phone!

Call customer service and tell them your thoughts.  They are pretty accommodating when it comes to trying another phone.  They've helped me when it's come to upgrades, solutions, and what not.  If you aren't satisfied with the refurbed phone I recommend telling them you want a different phone.  Hopefully there won't be any extra cost.