Need help with system problems with my phone

I have had problems for awhile. First it keeps turning on and off. I brought it to a couple of Verzion stores. they tell me the same thing, get a refurbished phone or a new one. If I am having problems with my existing phone, what makes them think a refurbished phone will work? Also, I can't afford a new phone. Lately, I can't access the settings. Some applications, say, they have stopped working unexpectedly. I have 2 choices, force close or wait. Neither works very well. I have also removed the battery, as has been suggested at the Verizon stores. This doesn't make the phone work any better. Can anyone really help me?

Re: Need help with system problems with my phone
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If you're still dealing with this..have you tried uninstalling your apps or a factory reset?  In regards to a refurbed's noted they may actually be better than a new one.  The phone was probably a return.  It is then sent to a distribution center where techs get the opportunity to perform updates, fix issues etc.