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Need to remove phone number from droid x

One of my friends recently gave me his old droid x so i could use it for development purposes.  Everything was going great until i went into status and found out that there was still a phone number attached to it.  I reset the device to factory settings and tried again, there was still a phone number attached to it.  I dont want to accidently charge the guy money so how can i get this problem fixed.  i dont want the device to have any phone number.  please help

Re: Need to remove phone number from droid x
Customer Support

Henk, that's great that you're looking to avoid any charges on your friend's phone. To remove the phone number, you can manually program the phone with all 0s. Here are the steps, use 10 0s for both the MDN and MIN.

Step 01:

Tap Phone icon, press  # # 7 7 6 4 7 2 6, tap phone icon  

Step 02:

Enter SPC Passcode: ______ displays, tap in white box to show virtual keyboard, enter 6 digit code (default: 000000), tap Verify

Step 03:

Tap  User Activation

  Step 04: Tap in MIN box, delete existing information (tap at end of existing digits and use DEL), enter 10 digit MIN

Step 05:

Tap in MDN, delete existing information with DEL key, enter 10 digit MDN.

Step 06:

Tap in CDMA Sys ID box, enter SID without the zero's in front, i.e. 20=CHI, 530=SBD

Step 07:

Press Done to save information and return to User Activation menu

Step 08: Press the Home Key to exit out of programming.  

PROGRAMMING COMPLETE - device will restart automatically.

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