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No Droid 3 Forum?

Like the Verizon Community Forums, I wish I could forget this buggy phone was ever sold… but I signed a 2 year contract.  A forum where Verizon Droid 3 owners can discuss the common issues with this forgotten tank would be appreciated.


Form factor- quality slider, removable battery

Quality Keyboard

Weight – feels like a tool, not a toy


Skinned Android (Motoblur)- not an improvement on stock, should have been left out.

GPS connection is terrible, take forever to get a connection and then drops all the time

Bluetooth audio is buggy. The audio “skips”/drops out for with regularity.

Plastic back – the original Droid had killer styling and an all metal back what happened?

Severely Dislike:

No support for android operating updates – feel stuck.

Locked boot loader, preventing the “community” from releasing home grown improvements and updates.

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Re: No Droid 3 Forum?

You can find most discussions related to the DROID 3 in the main Android space or the DROID & DROID 2 by Motorola space. The second space is where you posted your post.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.