No Service on main screen

Please help! My phone now says "no service" then the time and date. When I slide down I get Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force Close.

I press the force close and it keeps popping up. I tried taking the battery out and it still happens. I tried to find a solution but everything I have found reflects when they can get into the settings on the phone. I can't even get to any screens on my phone. I'm phone challenged and really need help.

Anyone able to help me? Please...

Re: No Service on main screen

First I would place the phone is Safe Mode and see if it works. If so, it is an app issue. Safe mode instructions


If still an issue, I would do a Factory Reset.

Re: No Service on main screen
Verizon Employee

Thanks for the reply Budone.


Hello Tired16


It's very upsetting when the device is displaying "Force Close". Let's work together to get this fixed.


Does the Safe mode bypass this error? Did this start after a particular application was downloaded? If so please delete the application and retest. To delete the application: Menu>Settings>Applications>downloaded.


If the device is still encountering the issue. Please perform a hard reset on the device. Here's a link to the hard reset.


Please let me know if this helps, If not I will further troubleshoot with you.


Thank you