Original Droid Screen won't lock, help

My original Droid won't lock anymore.  The slider option won't even come on.  I was browsing the internet last night and my battery ran out and it shut the phone down.  I plugged it in and got it to turn back on, then went straight to my front screen.  I need my phone to lock for privacy purposes.  I've even tried to download a lock screen app and that didn't work, it turned off the screen, but as soon as a press a button it turns back on to my main screen, with no screen unlock option.  I went to settings and input a screen lock option with a pin and nothing.  It's taking the pin as if it's registering, but turning the screen off and then back on, only takes it directly to main screen again.  Also, my home key isn't working.  I have to use the back arrow to take me back to the home screen.  Do I need to replace the phone?

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Hi reyyam99:


I have good news and potentially bad news for you. The good news is that your screen unlock problem can likely be fixed by performing a Factory Reset on the Droid. It sounds heavily software-related, and resetting the phone back to factory settings should resolve that issue.


The home key not working sounds more hardware-related. This may be resolved by performing the factory reset, but I found this issue to be related to a hardware failure than a software failure.  In any case, a factory reset sounds like your best bet.  


If the steps are unsuccessful, you can call the Warranty Center (Tech Support) directly at 866-406-5154 or send me a PM with your phone number, and I'll reach out as soon as I can. 


Good luck, and please follow up with the end result of your issue.