Phone stopped charging, seems to be port

Hi All

My phone decided to stop taking a charge yesterday. Wont take a charge, tried car, wall and computer charger and bupkus.  I did the following per a support post I saw:

  • Remove battery from the device and verify that the gold coils on the device are undamaged.

They are fine

• Confirm that the gold plates on the battery are clean.


• Remove any debris from the charging port and/or the charger.


• Plug phone into charger without the battery & test the charging port.

Nada, did not even turn the orange light on, Also tried the computer cable and the device is not being read

o We are looking for any electrical feedback from the device.


A weird thing did happen, the screen went white, little droids appeared on the bottom, and the screen looked like the screen on your TV when you are trying to change the setting, so I powered it down (it was one of the options, using the volume controls to select)

I will stop by a store and see how it goes.

Re: Phone stopped charging, seems to be port

Any other ideas? I see that a lot if people are having the same issue.

Also, the port is not working so I cant download my pictures off the phone, this is a problem as pics of my 3 yr old niece that passed away or on there

Re: Phone stopped charging, seems to be port
Customer Service Rep

Good morning U2Baja.

I can't imagine possibly losing valuable pictures/ data from your phone. Let's see how we can fix this! Are your pictures saved onto your SD card? To make sure they're not lost, it's best to remove the SD card and perform a Hard Reset. If the phone starts working again, you can put the card back in, and use as normal. If not, the data should still be on your card. 

Hard Reset:

Please keep us posted on how the Hard Reset works.

Thank you,

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