Please b nice, but I HATE my & my dtrs Droid 2 Globals!

Forgive me for number 1, not being really technically talented or knowing all the lingo. A year ago I bought my daughter and I matching White Droid 2 Globals...At first I thought they were cool, and was just learning how to use all its functions, my daughter was the first one to note a bunch of issues like dropped calls, freezing, restarting, not txting, and other issues...then it started on mine.  But most of the problems, like the short battery life and rebooting, were tolerable, althought aggravating, but I figured it goes along with these smart phones...

However, over the past few months our phones have turned into objects that make us both turn into Linda Blair in the bed scene from the EXorcist!!! They shut down constantly, mine wouldn't place or receive calls so I got it replaced a week ago because it was still under manufacturers warranty.....which expired on Jan. 16th...anyway, this "fresh" replacement is WORSE than my old one!!! It wont text...lets maybe five letters then freezes or goes to another screen...has all the old issues and then some. My daughters is really junk...and I just didn't think to replace hers before warranty went out...I have chronic health issues and also care for a 92 y/o gma who does as it's incredibly important to me to always have my phone and to be able to reach my daughter.

I just don't know what to do, all week I've meant to call Verizon and explain, but I've been in and out of hospital, then taking care of gma, home, animals, homework, husband, life, etc....haven't been able too...I can't afford to spend money, and am afraid that's the pitch I may get...we are not eligible for upgrades yet, and I have no money now anyway. My daughter is so disgusted with Smart Phones she wants to go back to "dumb"

So I guess what I'm wondering is, what would my best options be, considering my circumsstances? I have the Asurion, but I can't afford $99 for me and my dtr. anytime soon. Will they take the piece of junk they just sent me and send me another replacement free? Its not my fault its junkier than the one I sent them, right? Should I buy used phones cheap off ebay or something? How would that work? I just activate any phone I buy online? And cancel current phone? I'm a real idiot with stuff like this.  So, maybe ssomeone knows why I can't text or why the many other issues are occurring...??

It has me really frustrated...and stressed...and I don't need more stress in my world.

Thoughts? Thank you in advance for any info! Appreciate it!

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The locking up while typing text or emails and throwing you out to the internet or wherever is from the software update in Sept 2011.  I have had this issue on 3 phones since then (they would send me new phones because they thought it was a phone problem) - IT IS NOT THE PHONE!  They replace it and it happens in another 4-6 weeks.  Keep a record of all your calls with Verizon - dates, times, length of phone call, who you talked to, etc.  Do NOT leave them alone till your phone is not settle.  They are sending me a Droid 3 to replace my Droid 2 Global.  The Verizon guy thinks this model is not having the same issues - we will see!  (I used to LOVE my phone - now I just hate Motorola!  They were NO help after over an hour and a half on the phone.  They said they had no issues with the Droid 2!  Huh?  Do they read the internet or communicate with Verizon?!?!)  Good luck!