Plug phone into laptop: "chrome.exe - No disk"

Whenever I plug my phone into my laptop, no matter what I select as the usb option this "chrome.exe - No disk" message always pops up. I attached a picture of the message I get.

And no matter what I select it takes me to this page:

And even after i downloaded that Backup thing the message still shows up.

Everything still works even after I close the message box, I can access my pictures and put music on it. It's just annoying having to close out of that window every single time I plug my phone in. Any solution or a way to disable the error message?

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Hey Raindeux!

I am sorry about the annoyance that you are experiencing with the device. I am happy though that you are still able to move your files around. I think we can get this stopped.

When you plug your device in, there should be a small icon that comes up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. It looks like an "M" and if you right click on that icon, select "None" or "Nothing" and the message should stop showing up. The icon may be different for the HTC here, however, it pops up in the system tray when you plug your device in.

I hope this helps!


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Well I recently found out how to successfully update my phone to the

"Gingerbread" version for the Droid Incredible, so it's a little different

now. It says VMMmodeselection.exe instead of chrome.exe, but it still takes

me to the media manager page even when I select "do not launch Vcast media

manager when I connect my phone". Also, when I selected do nothing and it

didnt work, I unplugged my phone from the computer, and my SD card was

erased. My apps and stuff on there were gone. Umm...did this cause that to

happen? Seems like an odd coincidence as soon as I change something about

my media manager everything disappears when I take it out. And yes, I

selected safe removal of hardware in my task bar.

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It didn't erase my SD, its glitching out. When I plug my phone in and

select "Disk drive", 3 options appear on my tray, "Eject CD E:/ drive",

then F drive and G drive, If I say to safely eject E drive nothing on my SD

card will show up when I go to use it, and I have to plug it back in,

select disk drive again, then safely eject F and G, and leave E alone, the

CD drive, the thing thats giving my problems and saying I need to install

something from the E drive......