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Problem typing with droid 2 global


I have a droid 2 global

OS: 2.3.3

The problem started Jan 16, 2012, after my phone auto-rebooted (assumedly after a system update)

When typing (in any program) the typing freezes up (usually after attempting to type punctuation, but doesn't happen every time i type punctuation) and eventually causes the program the typing is in to crash. So far, this has happened in browser, google search and texting

Additionally, after the freeze-up the whole phone runs really slowly for a while. and after the phone has been on for a few hours, it runs slowly regardless if the text freeze-up happened or not

At times, random screens and programs pop up, like it keeps trying to go back to a screen I was on a few minutes ago (like my actions were cashed and are trying to be preformed after-the-fact)

Under my running services list, I notice that the multi-touch keyboard application is taking up the most RAM of any program, sometimes as much as 25-30 MB (about as much as netflix) and this can cause my battery to drain, or when on the charger to charge really slowly.

In general, I"m not able to type easily in any program, my phone runs slowly and the battery drains. All of these symptoms started after the last update. Any advice? HELP!


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Re: Problem typing with droid 2 global
Verizon Employee

Oh no, ctnc!  That sounds frustrating.  I am here to help.

This may be fixed with a simple resetting of the "multi-touch keyboard" application.  Instructions for resetting an application are found here.  I would also suggest soft resetting the device and removing the battery for approximately 30-60 seconds.

Please let me know how this works out for you.



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Re: Problem typing with droid 2 global

First fix will be to keep reset your keyboard under setting/applications/all/ I see AnthonTA_VZW already told you that.

Next they will have you reset your phone and try the first fix again.

Last they will have you turn on swype to resolve the issue.

However none of these fixes will work 100% on a Driod 2 Global with 2.3.3. I am sorry but until this is fixed you are stuck. I am on my 4th Driod 2 Global because they just figured it was a hardware issue. Which it never was. Last you cannot stop the Motoroal over air updates they install once the phone charges to 100%.