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Problems with my DROID 2. Ringtone, camera, volume etc


I've had my DROID 2 for about two years now.  And as other users have pointed out I started having problems ever since they rolled out the new Operating system.  I am having several issues.

1) Every time I lower or increase the volume, my ringtone goes away.  If a call comes thru, my phone does not ring (it is not on vibrate)

2) Sometimes when calls come to my phone, I can't hear a thing, but the caller can hear me.

3) The camera is not working.  Sometimes when it does decide to work, it takes the pic but does not save it.

I tried shutting the phone down, removing the battery and putting it back in etc etc.  So far nothing has worked.  Is Android aware of the problems.  Are they going to push out a fix??

I did not have these problems before.  I went in to a Verizon store and asked a sales rep, he simply told me to get a new phone.

Thanks so much for your time

Re: Problems with my DROID 2. Ringtone, camera, volume etc

I have all of the exact same problems.

If I'm told to get a new phone, I'll also be switching carriers...

Re: Problems with my DROID 2. Ringtone, camera, volume etc
Customer Support

Hi there Planet69!

Yikes! That is far too many problems for a little phone to have. You're absolutely right, as much fun as it is to get a new phone, it should be when you're ready to do so!

I checked every recorded report for the Droid 2 and I didn't see anything specific to your issues.

I did see that there is no longer a "Silence" option, so perhaps there's a conflict.

The main speaker working intermittently is not a known issue. Do you happen to use headsets to listen to music? Can you hear the other party when you put the phone on speaker phone? Nothing found for the camera report either!

I appreciate all of the troubleshooting you've completed already. I would recommend a couple of things.

First I would try Safe Mode:
This will tell us if any applications are causing the problems.

Finally, I would recommend a Hard Reset:

Keep us posted!


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