Radom OS services error, connection problems, etc

I've had this phone going on 2 weeks now and here are my list of issues:

  1. Battery life, due to working at the Denver Airport, 4g signal is on fringe most of the time, I got as low as 4 hours one day due to searching at full power, this also makes the phone too hot to leave in my pocket so I got a clip case;  I've switched to CDMA mode while at work to get closer to 8 hrs of battery life.  But this also seems to leave my email push broken, it might go hours without a push so I have to refresh when I think of it.  Not good for a business phone and I get a call that starts with, "Have you read the email yet?"
  2. Text messages will not send, I received my activation notification for this forum on the msg app, I have tried the shipped messaging app, viber and gosms pro, none send text msgs.
  3. random android services errors, vzmaps, vznavigator, email, photo, phone calls, and miscellaneous errors I haven't the time to write down. One morning after I swiped to unlock, the phone froze and had to pull the battery.  Some errors lock up email, phone calls, and accessing applications.
  4. Wifi will not connect anymore, keeps resetting at "obtaining IP"  tried using a 3rd party manager, wifi manager v 2.6, neither are connecting now.  Reset my cable modem and router today, removed the connection on the phone and set up a new connection.  All our other devices connect fine, laptops, consoles, tablets, even another android phone.  Restarted the phone numerous times, I've pulled the battery, sim card, and sd card for 10 minutes now. NOTHING works.

Work got me this phone so I don't have much choice in the matter, but eventually they will get me something else, as much as I laughed at my BB, it still never had this many problems out of the box.

Re: Radom OS services error, connection problems, etc
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do you have the latest FP1 update?