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Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

Ok, I have been having trouble with my phone not receiving all of my
text messages
. This has been going on for a few months, but I don't
know how often it is doing it since I don't know that I was supposed to get a
text. It isn't from any certain carrier or user, because I've noticed it
happening from both Verizon and AT&T users, and I still get most of the
messages from those people.There doesn't seem to be any kind of pattern at
all. It is very frustrating, because I only find out about it when people happen
to bring up that they texted me about something when we are talking, so I don't
even know how many texts I am not getting. Now people think I am just being rude
by ignoring them and I don't even know that they are upset with me!


I thought that they were just not coming through at all. However, today I
noticed something that makes me think the phone is just deleting the
messages as soon as it gets them
. This morning my phone beeped like I
had a message. I looked at it right away and I saw both the notification puzzle
piece on the lock screen and the message content flash on the notification bar
at the top like normal...but when I unlocked the screen, nothing was there! It
was like it never happened at all. I don't even know who it was from to find out
what it was about. Thinking back though I realize that there have been lots of
times recently that my phone has vibrated but didn't show any notification of
anything happening.


I called Verizon and they said they weren't aware of it being a common
problem and reset something on their end. They said to call back in a few days
if it doesn't solve the problem, but there is no way for me to know that I am
not getting a message unless I happen to catch it as it happens like I did


I saw some similar threads elsewhere that make me think I am not alone. Is else is
having this problem and has figured out a solution? I am thinking that probably
more people are affected than know they are because how would they know?


Anyway, my biggest problem right now is that I want to know, if I am right
and the phone is receiving the messages and then just deleting them, if
there is a way to retrieve the deleted texts
(or at least find out who
they were from). I really want to know who texted me earlier, and I was thinking
that since it was just today that it might still be recoverable.


Does anyone know how to retrieve recently deleted texts?

Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages
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I just noticed that you are using the Puzzle Piece method of unlocking your phone.  Quit using it and go to the simple swipe method where you slide your finger across the display.


Originally I had trouble receiving calls when I used the Puzzle Piece so I went to the Swipe method and that FIXED my problem.  That's why I suspect that you may have that same problem with messages.  I could have had my messages being deleted but I'll never know because I immediately quit using the puzzle piece.


Give it a try.  It's an easy thing to do.



Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

I don't know about the whole "quickly coming through then deleting" theory, nor do I think that the puzzle piece is a cause at all, but I have a Samsung Droid Charge and have the same exact problem as you.  Randomly, I just will not receive a message from someone.  There is no pattern, and it happens with texts from both Verizon and non-Verizon phones. 


I've had correspondence with Verizon's next level support, who has been monitoring the problem.  I continually will alert my tech support represenative, and he has confirmed that someone sent the message but it just never came through on my phone.  However, there has been no solution.  I actually returned my original Charge because of this issue.  I thought my "like new" (aka refurbished) phone was fixed, but I noticed it happening a few times here and there.  The frequency was a lot less than that of the previous phone, but it definitely has happened.  Plus, in the last two days or so, I have confirmed that it has happened at least 2 times in one night from the same number.  I thought that it might have something to do with the data outage, but I also know that data has nothing to do with phone calls/texts. 


All I know is that this problem is absolutely infuriating and I can't believe that there has been no fix let alone any actual releases from Verizon or Samsung that this is an issue. 

Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages
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Choolan,  you said "nor do I think that the puzzle piece is a cause at all."  Did you try it or do you just think it???


It sure helped me.  It's so easy to switch away from Puzzle piece for a few days.


Let me know.



Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

I've never encountered a situation where I've heard my phone ring or feel it buzz, check it, and nothing's there.  People will just send me a text message, and I never get it at all.  The problem has nothing to do with my home screen, it's a problem with my phone not receiving texts when it should.  Changing the home screen interface has nothing to do with it.  I'll try changing it for a few days just because, but I just can't imagine it doing anything.

Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

I've had the same experience with my android phone for the past month.  As another person already pointed out, you don't know you aren't receiving messages until someone refers to one that you didn't get.  My family is spread throughout the US and texting is our main means of communication.  I've also gone to the second level of tech support and at their direction have used the master reset on my phone to put it back to factory settings.  No luck!  Now they are telling me it might be my phone, which I don't agree with since reading that others are experiencing this problem.  VERY FRUSTRATING!  Verizon needs to get this figured out.

Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

This just started happening to me but only with someone on AT&T. I haven't texted and do not really text anyone besides AT&T and Verizon. This needs fixed and NOW because Verizon is really the only thing that works where I live. AT&T doesn't work in my town, but a few towns over, and same with T-Mobile. My family that's on T-mobile doesn't have service when they visit nor do my friends on AT&T. My parents have always had Verizon since they first came to this area, and we haven't had a problem like this. It's really frustrating and annoying.

Also, I have the original Motorola Droid and I cannot upgrade until May either. I just found this post searching for text messaging not working. So I'm glad it's not just one type of phone and does seem to be a network problem. And yes, I have reset my phone - shut it off and even took out the battery a few times before turning it back on. Still same problem - cant text my friend on AT&T nor can I call them either. It rings on my end, but not his and I get voicemail after 30 seconds.

Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

Hi all,

Just realized this is happening to me too. Like you've all said, you can't really pin-point when it started

since you never know when you are NOT getting a text.

Either way, around 9:30 this morning my sister

asked if I had gotten her text which she had sent at approx. 8:50 AM. I said no. An hour later, I discovered

one of my employees had texted me some work related information the day before which I had never


Who knows how long this problem has been occurring, but it certainly is frustrating.

Especially when you consider I met a cute girl last weekend, texted her yesterday and didn't hear

back from her. Either she never got my text, or just doesn't like me .

But seriously this sucks and needs to be resolved some how.


Re: Randomly not receiving texts/retrieving deleted text messages

JerryF...This has also happened to me on my Droid Charge.  I don't get any notification...until someone asks me about a text or MMS that I was supposed to have gotten.  When I go to change the unlock screen my options are the puzzle or glass.  Is the "glass" method what you are referring to when you say the swipe method?  I am going to try can't hurt and hopefully it will be a quick fix...thanks!