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Randomly not receiving texts?

I've been having the issue on and off for months. I got my Droid Bionic off eBay last November (I know, that could be my problem in and of itself) and it wasn't until the last few months that I realized I randomly would not receive a text. I usually noticed when a conversation just dead-ended for no reason, and I checked my usage online -- and sometimes it would say I received a text from a particular person, but it didn't arrive on my phone. Other times, there's no record of a text being received at all (when I know someone did send one). I've taken it to multiple Verizon stores and of course, every time they check it, it works. I had the SIM card replaced once, and other times they said there's just nothing they can do. Originally I thought it was an iPhone-Android issue, but it's also been an Android-Android issue lately. The only things I haven't done to try to remedy it are factory resetting the phone and trying to get a replacement. Any other ideas? Not keen on resetting it honestly, and with my upgrade coming in January there's no sense in trying to get a new one either. Has anyone had this problem? What can I do? ANY help is appreciated!

Ps - I also have not been receiving the occasional phone call either. I've had 2 people in the last week say they've called me once or twice and the phone kept ringing and ringing and finally went to voicemail --- my phone never rang, no missed call, etc. What gives?!

Re: Randomly not receiving texts?

Same issue!! Help!

Re: Randomly not receiving texts?
Customer Support


I have the same phone and had the same issue. So believe me when I say I feel your pain. But worry because I'm here to help.

If you already had the SIM card replaced and the issue is just random, the next step is a hard reset. I know this can inconvenient but this fixed my issue and I have not had it happen after the hard reset Keep in mind that even if we were to replace your phone we would first have to perform a hard reset as well.

I hope this information has been helpful.

John B

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