Real problems on HTC I2

We've had HTC Incredible Droid phones for years and have enjoyed the experience, until now.  Both of our phones experiencing some real problems. 1. Long delays between dialing and actually calling out.  Sometimes it never dials out and we have to restart to get it to work. 2. The phone will blackout.  Sometimes we have to remove and replace battery in order to get it back on.  3. The phones are experiencing very long response times.  There doesn't seem to be a pattern to any of this.  The latest updates are installed, the batteries are good, and we have performed several hard re-sets without success. Can anyone provide some advice?  Thanks very much!

Re: Real problems on HTC I2
Customer Service Rep

Never fear, help is here royalcat! I would be delighted to assist. Have you checked the available memory on the devices? When were the devices originally purchased? Do you have an extended warranty on either of the devices? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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