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Recover Pic files after Factory Reset

I recently did a factory restore to my phone and have lost all pics taken from the camera.

I powered off my phone, removed battery, removed SD card, replaced a fresh battery and did the factory restore.

Then removed battery, inserted original SD card, replaced battery, powered up... and now all pictures taken with phone camera are "corrupted."

Funny thing is, any picture that I downloaded from net or saved from a text message are fine and viewable.

All pics and videos that originated from phone are not readable from any device now.

Copied card contents to my home computer.

Still the same result, "files may be corrupted and are not viewable."

Anyone had this before and know of a means of fixing this?

I have placed the card in another phone, a Galaxy, and the same result.

I have tried to rename them, change the file extention... still dead.

Any direction from ayone would be greatly appreciated! Some important memories are about to be lost!

Thanks for reading my post!

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Re: Recover Pic files after Factory Reset
Customer Support

Hello Jmac4506,

Making sure your memories are lost is absolutely important. I'm sorry to learn that your SD card has become corrupted. All of the steps you've taken so far would have been my suggestions as well, so I appreciate your efforts.

What type of SD Card is it? Does it say SanDisk on the card?

Please advise so I can gather further information.

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