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Ringtone Sources

I am new to ringtones. Can i purchase ringtones from any source or do they have to be purchased from Verizon. Thank you for any assistance.

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Re: Ringtone Sources
Sr. Member

You can get them from any source - and there are 1,000's of them for FREE - no need to pay for Ringtones. You can also creat your own Ringtone from a snippet of any MP3 or Wav file.  Several free apps in market will do this. Just do a Search for "RINGTONES" in Market.   One that comes to mind are RingDroids,  But again, there are TONS of them ..

Re: Ringtone Sources
Member is another place to get them, too.  They have a ton of them there - from songs to clips from movies & TV shows.  Can even get wallpapers there, too.  But I agree with the previous poster, if you want specific snippets of specific songs, RingDroid is the best!  I had another app for making ring-tones, but as soon as I discovered RingDroid, the other got promptly deleted!