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SD Card...Stump the experts

Hey Kids,

I've got a tough one (I think). I have the Droid X2 and I added an 8 gig SD card. After some minor issues I chose to clear my card and start over, but when I did the 5 or 6 default "main files" didn't load back up, only the LOST.DIR file. I have no reason to believe it's corrupt. I can easily work with it when I plug it into my PC via USB and when I pull the card and put it into my PC directly.  The other issue is it shows about 4 gigs in use and about 4 gigs free when I barely have a couple of hundred MB's of data on it. I tried making my own main files manually, but I don't remember their names and don't know how to see the path of the files will be recognized by my phone. If I add songs to the SD card, they come up in any music player app, so the card does work..My question, how do I get the original base files back on to the card, and yes, of course I tried formatting it, both while in the phone and on my Vista PC. Why won't the phone rebuild the files on an empty SD card that isn't corrupted.

Thanks much

Re: SD Card...Stump the experts
Customer Support

Hello wyattspop,  You should be able to easily manage the files on your SD card and I apologize for all the frustration!  Are you able to use the memory card to take and store pictures?  Are you able to move apps to the card?  Typically running one of these processes will add the necessary files the device needs.  Please keep me updated on the status!

Thank you,

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