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Same E-mails appearing on two different e-mail addresses

I have two different e-mail addresses, one on AOL and one on MSN.  Suddenly, e-mails sent to the MSN account are appearing on AOL and vise versa.  Also, there are e-mails that appear in the inbox that I can't open after having read them, and when I try to delete them, they don't appear on the delete screen. 


What's up with that???

Re: Same E-mails appearing on two different e-mail addresses
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Hi esmeralda1:


You have a very strange email problem, and I'd like to get you on a path to a resolution.  The first thing I would do is remove both emails from your device (steps for removing email accounts).   Once you've removed your email accounts from the device, test your emails and see if you have the same issues by checking your email on a PC. If you still have the problem (I believe you have some sort of forwarding rule set up in one of the email addresses), we know your phone is not the cause of the issue and you can find a resolution with the email provider(s).  


AOL's help page 


MSN's help page


Once we have determined the cause of the issue and have the email services set up the way you would like, you can set up the emails to come to the phone again.  When you set up emails on your phone, your phone is simply a reflection of the server or mailbox.  (Steps for setting up an email account). 


Please post back any new info or the outcome of your situation. 



Re: Same E-mails appearing on two different e-mail addresses

I am having the same problem starting today. I have a Verizon account and an Outlook (work) account on my phone. I am finding read (garbage) Verizon email on my Outlook (work) inbox and I cannot delete them.

Re: Same E-mails appearing on two different e-mail addresses

I had the same problem happen to me (in July) when 8 e-mails from account "A" ended up on my phone in account "B". These messages got mixed-up only on my phone, not on the e-mail servers. 

I think this IS a VERIZON software glitch since my e-mail accounts are not affected by this, only the ones on the phone. This happened only once so far in 12 months.

My problem now is to get rid of them since they will not delete. I will try your suggestion of deleting, then reconnecting the effected account.


Thanks for the tip.

Re: Same E-mails appearing on two different e-mail addresses

I have had this happen 3 times with my Incredible over the past year. Mixed up emails between the accounts, emails that cannot be opened, and emails that cannot be deleted.

The solution has been to delete the "confused" account and then re-add it.

I have one AOL account and one Gmail account. I have had to delete the AOL account twice and the Gmail account once.

Deleting and then adding the account works, but it does get irritating since you lose the emails on the phone. Definitely make sure that you have your emails still up from the computer side.