Screen Won't Work/Reactivation

So my Droid X fell a few feet onto tile floor and the screen is not working anymore. I can tell the phone is on because the lights behind the buttons at the bottom are still working and I can feel the touchscreen responding, but the screen is just black. I have a feeling that something got disconnected inside the phone after the fall. Has anyone else had any experience (and/or success fixing) with this?

I'm planning on taking it to the Verizon store tomorrow to see if they can maybe take it apart and hopefully fix it. In the mean time, I was going to deactivate this phone and activate an extra phone that my friend has. I was wondering, though, if they fix my phone and I reactivate it, will it return to it's previous settings or will it be like a brand new phone?

Thanks so much!!

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Rspenia,

I am sorry to hear that your phone was damaged. I'd like to address your concern. Depending on how much damage was to the screen, it may need to be replaced. Was the issue with your screen fixed? Do you have insurance coverage on your device? If so and and you wish to replace the phone, you can file a claim online here I hope this helps you with getting a working device and recovering from the broken screen issue.

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