Screen is out?

I have a Droid 2 and love it, but over the past week I've been having problems with the screen blacking out. My phone will still be on, and I can feel things happening on the screen, but it is blank. It happened once last week and turned back on after a few hours, and it has since happened 6-7 times but has turned back on after  I take the battery out and return it. I have tried taking the battery out, plugging it in with and without the battery, and turning it on and off. Right now it has been 'off' the longest - 12 hours. :smileysad: Any suggestions?

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Re: Screen is out?
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Take it back and get a new one?

Re: Screen is out?

ive had an issue similar to this. my music worked for about a month then kept freezing on me. it wouldnt go back to the main screen or anything in the music player the screen just went black and my phone completely froze. however a hard reset worked for me. when you have an issue like this that can be resolved any other way this fixes it however i would use it as a last resort as a factory direct reset erases everything even backed up information on your sd card because everything is reset to the way when you first bought it out of the store. if you think this will work for you here is the quickest and easiet way i have found to do it:


turn droid 2 off

open keyboard and press x while holding the power button

device will power on

keep holding until a yello triangle appears

press the magnifying glass on your keyboard

use the volume button to select wipe data/ factory reset

use camera key to confirm

tap wipe data/factory reset

then ok

highlight reboot system now

then ok