Screen lock and Power button not working

This past weekend I discovered that the automatic screen lock on the incredible was not working. I had to press the power key to lock the screen. I thought I would use the power key for a reboot, but no matter how long I hold it down, I don't get the choice to power down, Airplane mode or reboot. So I did a factory reset and it was working for a while, but now it is back to the same issue.

Any suggestions?

Re: Screen lock and Power button not working
Customer Service Rep

Hi Dennis.A, I'd like to suggest something you can use to disable your Auto Lock screen on your device. This is related to a security feature on your phone. Use these steps below:

1.Tap All Apps
2.Tap Settings
3.Tap Security
4.Tap Screen lock
5.Enter your pattern, PIN or password that you have set
6.Tap Continue
7.Tap None

I trust this helps you! Also, please refer to this link at our website for additional assistance!

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