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Screen won't show on my Droid 2 Global, Help?


Okay, my Droid was working perfectly find Saturday, early morning (plus the days before), but coming to like close to 11-ish to noon, my lock screen/phone froze and the red LED notification light stayed on, not even blinking. Like the only thing that worked was the sleep button, but I couldn't turn off the phone itself without taking the battery out. (I thought it was very strange because the battery was fully charged before I left the house.) I know it didn't drained because the screen froze at the point it was 85% battery percentage left. (estimation). After a hour or so, I got frustrated and took out the battery for a couple of minutes and put it back in to see if it will help. My test didn't work out so well. So I just left it like that until I got home.

When I got home, I tried it again, still no luck. But this time the screen doesn't even come on. But you can feel the vibrate when it comes on (that if you have it on vibrate),but still no luck of seeing the screen. You can see the red LED light started flashing but nothing on the screen. I tried to charge it, but it took a while for the charge light to come on. So thinking that it needs to be charge, I left it charging for half an hour. I watched it for a couple of minutes, when it started to charged, the red LED light started to change slowly to a yellow color light and when it was "fully" charged, it slowly changed to a light orange color. After I unplugged it, I still have no luck with the screen, and the LED light slowly fades into a darker orange color after a while.

Oh yeah, when you press the sleep button to turn it back on, the LED light disappears and no screen on, then after you press it again, it does its long light for 4 secs then starts blinking again.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or do you guys have a solution to it, other than taking it to the Verizon store (its my last choice if i dont get anything to help)
And this is my 2nd one already.

I'm going to attach a video file to show you guys how it looks, or what I see..

Video Link : 1252

Re: Screen won't show on my Droid 2 Global, Help?

Sounds almost exactly what happened to mine.  I was recording video Saturday night when the phone froze.  I pulled the battery, tired to reboot but have a dark screen.  If I hold it under direct sunlight I can see the display faintly and the phone operates fine.

I took it in to Verizon today and they told me it was a hardware issue and tried to get me to upgrade.  After reading this, it sounds suspicious that it happened the same day and same symptoms. 

Re: Screen won't show on my Droid 2 Global, Help?

Same happened to me on August 4. Phone alive, calls/messages coming in, but screen is dead, on the Droid 2 Global.