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Screen wont time out

My screen won't go off.....doesnt matter if I press the button to turn it off or if i set the display on screen timeout.  It still won't go off........WTH!!!!!!  Does anyone know a fix for this?   This is something that started recently like the last week.  HELP!!!!!!

Re: Screen wont time out
Customer Support

Hello lgibson63390,

I'd like to help bring some darkness into your life, in a good way!  Had you recently installed any new application when this started?  I would suggest running the device in Safe Mode to see if an application is affecting the screen backlight.  Here is a link to activate Safe Mode If Safe Mode is successful you will then need to start deleting apps one by one to see which is the cause.
Please keep me updated on the status as I would be happy to help further.

Thank You,

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