Several problems with a brand new phone


I received my Droid Mini on the 17th of February. Since I have had it, the camera has not worked (gives me a "camera error" message). Also, for the last approx. 4 days I have not been able to make or receive calls (gives me a "mobile network not available" message). In addition, about a fourth of my texts come back "unable to send" with the red triangle/ plus sign logo, happening for about the last 4 days. I did not have any of these problems with my previous phone and the other verizon phone in my household isn't having any problems. Data is turned on and airplane mode is off, I have deleted the cache and data from my camera and stopped and restarted it, and I have checked all the respective problems in safe mode (same result). What else should I try to fix these things?

Re: Several problems with a brand new phone
Customer Service Rep

We would be happy to assist colby114! Was this a new purchase? What zip code are you in? Please share some details, thanks!

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