Short Battery Life (1/2 Day)

About two months ago my Dinc2 went from 8 hours of use to less than 4. I only get about 2 hours of talk time now. After troubleshooting the problem, it appears to be related to the phone constantly syncing. I think this problem started right after the phone received the latest update from Verizon. It is now at Android 2.3.4 & HTC Sense Version 2.1.

I replaced the battery and the symptoms did not change. I installed an app killer to make sure it was not an app running in the background and the symptoms did not change. When I turn off 'Background data' syncing & 'Auto-sync' the problem goes away and the battery lasts for 12+ hours. Since this is my work phone, not having my e-mail and calendars automatically updated is less than ideal.

Did Verizon's latest update for the Dinc2 cause a problem with syncing? Is there a way to modify the sync settings so that they run but not to the point that they are draining a battery dry in a few hours?

Thank you for your help and assistance.

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Re: Short Battery Life (1/2 Day)
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Hi GaUser! It sounds like you did a lot of the troubleshooting steps for me.  Thanks for narrowing it down to something in the Background data & Auto-sync sections. I did a little digging and didn't find any known issues with the Incredible 2 having shorter battery life after the update. With email & calendar sync being important, have you tried to make sure you don't have any applications being left open & running in the background on top of the email & calendar? This article may help with a few more things to try on your phone.

We can also try to put your phone into Safe Mode for a day or two to see if it's a third party application that was installed through the Android Market that may be draining the battery. Safe Mode keeps those third party applications from running while still allowing you to access all the great features that came pre-installed on your phone. If it's an application, start with uninstalling the applications that were installed near the beginning of when the problem started.

Keep me posted if you continue to have trouble with your battery life. I'm here to help.


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