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I was playing around with my phone the other day - I've been on ICS for a couple weeks and I'm still discovering new settings. My Smart Actions seems to be broken.

This happens whether I am modifying a sample rule or start from scratch: whenever I add or modify a trigger or an action, the rest of the triggers and actions either disappear (if I'm starting with a blank rule), or go back to default (if I'm modifying a sample). It does it if I save the default and try to modify it after it's been created too. So my choices are to use the samples as-is, or just live without Smart Actions altogether.

Has anyone else noticed this? What can I do to fix it? Seems like Smart Actions would be useful, if the application worked properly.

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Smart Actions is an awesome enhancement mj28! I don't see the trouble you've described as being reported, so it may just be that your phone needs a simply reset to start working properly. Motorola also offers an amazingly helpful page at for How-To and Troubleshooting help with their Smart Actions.

Thank you

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