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Sound Issues with DROID X2

I have had my X2 for a little over a year now. I've dealt with the freezing of the keyboard, the random restarting, and the overall freezing of the phone, being fairly tech savvy I was able to work around those issues and have had fairly decent luck with my phone. Until this week.

I had downloaded Ringo for my phone so that I could use multiple notification tones for my contacts, I work for a telecommunications company and had heard good things about the app from tech members. The app didn't do well on my phone so I removed it after a few days. Ever since the removal my phone has stopped making sound for calls and messages of all kinds.

The volume is fine. I've tested it in gaming apps and in the media menus. The sound is there and the speakers work. But whenever I receive calls or message alerts I get nothing. I've been relying solely on the little blinking light to tell me when I've missed something. The vibration is also acting weird along with the sound. I'll get a vibration response for some calls, and some emails. But nothing for text notifications.

Has anyone else had a problem similar to this? I'm completely lost at what could be going on.

Things I've tried:

- getting rid of apps

- hard and soft reboots

- removing the battery and waiting up to 5 minutes before turning device on

- adjusting volume and ring/notification tones

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Re: Sound Issues with DROID X2
Customer Support

Hi arashkya,

I feel your pain; audio issues are very inconvenient. Do you have extended warranty on the phone?
I recommend doing a factory reset to resolve any system conflicts. If issue continues after factory reset and if you have extended warranty we can provide a free replacement if no physical/water damage exist.
Please try factory reset and keep us posted.

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