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Sound issues with Droid X2

I have a Droid X and my husband has the X2. Recently, his notification and ringtone volumes have been so low, he has been missing his calls. I've double checked to see if the volume is all the way up, and it is. Media, notification, ringtone volume is all the way up. Still, too quiet, even when switching to other ringtones. I tried powering it off and removing the batter, re-inserting and powering back on, but it did not fix the problem. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Re: Sound issues with Droid X2
Customer Support

Hello BreatheAkasha,
I've researched the difficulty you're experiencing with your Droid X 2 and this is not commonly reported with this device. Are the ringtones that you're using downloaded from a third party application or are they the ones that came with your device? If you're using a third party application, please remove and retest. Let me know if your issue continues so I can further assist.

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