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Syncing issues

I am a new Incredible 2 user. If I delete email from my phone it is also deleted from my laptop. I assume this is a syncing issue but I have turned off the auto-sync feature on my phone. The 'background data' box is still checked. Help.....

Re: Syncing issues
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Hi mbjamm:

I can help you out with your email concerns.  I do need some additional information though. What email service are you using? When you check your email on your computer, are you using a mail retrieval application like Outlook or are you going directly to the website?

For most email accounts, the interactions on your phone take place directly on the server.  For example, if you remove the email from a Gmail account that is set up on the phone, it removes the email from the inbox on the server (what you check on Since most mail retrieval programs sync with the server (website), when you check the email on your computer, it will not be there because it's no longer on the server.

I hope that general explanation solves things, but if not, please answer the additional info questions, and reply with what you are looking to do in a bit more detail.

Thanks for posting,


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