System UIDs inconsistent

This just happened to me. Here's the sequence of events.

The phone's batteries completely ran down. I don't know if that's related, but it rarely happens, but happened a few hours before this error started showing up. Hard to believe it was just coincidence.

I tried to turn the phone on and nothing happened at all.

I removed the battery.

That's when I got the "system UIDs inconsistent" message with the button with the I'm Feeling Lucky label -- which is TOTALLY INSULTING when dealing with an error of this this kind, which is potentially catastrophic for your data -- as it apparently has been!!

Somehow I got back to the home screen, but found that ALL of the apps that I've installed were missing. The thing indicated "No Applications." The home page icons for these apps all showed that they had been orphaned.

My contacts and call history, and messages, were ALL empty.

I removed the battery. and after it stalled a few times trying to reboot, I finally got to the "system UIDs inconsistent" again. I had no intention of pressing the I'm Feeling Lucky button because something about it just didn't smell right.

I plugged the phone into the USB of my computer, and I saw two new "Removable Disks came up in explorer. When I click these, I get a message from Windows saying "Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (H:)" and also (J:).

What the hell is going on here?

I have to agree that this whole things feels like a ploy to force us to upgrade, especially given how Google has now fully revealed itself to be a user-contemptuous organization, with the whole I'm Feeling Lucky thing feeling like a big (removed) to the user. 

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Re: System UIDs inconsistent
Customer Service Rep

Let's fix this MadGirlDisease! Thanks for completing a few troubleshooting steps on your own. Per the information provided I can't identify a specific cause for this error and or behavior however, I can resolve this. Please backup your device and complete a factory reset here Once completed please test, observe and share. Thank you.

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