My phone occasionally freezes while texting and leaves the text page. It was fixed by a store agent by "clearing my cache" and correcting a setting. He said this was happening due to an auto upgrade on my phone. How do I correct this on my own? How do I clear my cache?

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Hey Bob. I'm going to do a copy & paste from a previous post that I made about this. I've had a similar problem. (If some of the wording doesn't apply to you, sorry. Like I said, I just grabbed it from a previous post I made & someone mentioned that they were told to do a factory reset. Smiley Happy )

I used to have the same problem. Here's the fix. When that happens you need to do a few things. No factory reset is ever required either. I never had to do one.

  1. Press the Menu key and then Manage apps. Under the "All" tab scroll down to the "Multi-touch keyboard." Clear data. Clear cache. (Anything that can be cleared. Haha!) Force stop it. All that jazz. Go "back to home."
  2. Next. Press the Menu key again and this time choose Settings. Scroll down to Language & Keyboard. Select Multi-touch keyboard. (Underneath it should read "Multi-touch keyboard settings")  The following are what I have MY personal settings to as I've found that these are what caused my keyboard to "unfreeze."  Or I should say, when I "unchecked" a few things, my keyboard no longer froze.

On-screen keyboard:

  1. Show suggestions - Checked
  2. Auto-correct errors - NOT checked
  3. Auto-punctuate - Checked
  4. Vibrate on keypress - NOT checked (Note: This had nothing to do with my keyboard freezing. It just annoyed the snot out of me when it vibrated every time I used it! )
  5. Sound on keypress - NOT checked (Note: Same annoyance factor as vibrate on keypress thing. Has no effect on freezing.)
  6. Auto-capitalization - Checked

Device keyboard:

  1. Show suggestions - Checked
  2. Auto-Correct errors - NOT checked

General Settings:

  1. Highlight words - Checked
  2. Next word prediction - NOT checked (THIS one is IMPORTANT. DO NOT have this one checked. BIG factor on freezing issue.)

I hope this helps!