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The Cloud?

I have a  Motorola Droid Mini and all I have checked is to backup contacts. Yet it keeps telling me I have call logs and some messages that can be restored. I've restored them, then deleted them again and they keep showing up to be restored. I've been told to upgrade to latest version of cloud but when I do, I'm not able to connect. It says no internet connection, when there is one. Then I was told to disable Backup Assistance, that didn't work either. Then I noticed there is a "Backup Assistance Plus Contacts." So, I disabled both "Backup Assistance" and "Backup Assistance Plus Contacts,"  then upgraded to latest version of Cloud. Still same issue. I've asked about this issue everywhere and even contacted a rep by phone. I was told Cloud replaced Backup Assistance. I don't think the Verizon staff understands it themselves. I've given up at this point. I'm ready to go with another provider. If Cloud takes the place of Backup, why doesn't it backup as scheduled and why do I have 3 different programs pre-installed, that I'm unable to "delete,"  and I'm being told to disable? Only had my phone for a month. I would  like to use Verizon's cloud because it has more room than any other cloud/storage out there and according to my phone I have 8.5 GB Free and 2.5 GB Used. Yet everyone tells me I should have 16 GB minus the OS. Here is just one of the links I've found saying it has 16 GB... This is why I'm looking for more room. My songs alone are 9-10 GB's and I can't put them on my phone. Can someone please help me me or at least point me in the right direction for an answer...other than a Verizon Rep since I've been down that path and it took 2 hours.


Mini Droid

System Version: 23.3.24.obekem_verizon.Verizon.en.US

Android Version: 4.4.4 KitKat

Build Date: Friday, October 17

Build Number: SU5-24

Re: The Cloud?

All phones, from all carriers come loaded with "bloatware" from various sources. The best option to do is to disable them. The only alternative is to "jailbreak" them, which is never a good idea because it voids any warranties that come with the phone and it can often go wrong and ruin a phone. Most of them use very little data, so you can disable them so they use as little data as possible.

Re: The Cloud?
Sr. Leader

I see that you have the Latest OS were you having the issues you described prior to this update or did the issues show soon after updating.. If it did I know it's hard to put up with a problematic phone but if you can hang in there with it)  there might be new update coming soon.. Hopefully..

Re: The Cloud?

idk what to tell ya. cloud doesnt work for me, everytime it backed up it duplicated everything and i have now over 5476 contacts and it deletes my texts in cloud and they are no where to be found. i have been tryin to get this fixed for few years now. try to backup to sd card thru the message app