Touchscreen failure

My touchscreen has failed on my original Motorola Droid.  Is there a way to use the slide keyboard to unlock the screen to mount the device to my PC?  I would like to copy the stored data and perform a factory reset before I dispose of the phone.

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Re: Touchscreen failure
Verizon Employee

Hello jkkaiser! Boy, I'm sorry to hear that the touch display has failed on your Droid. I do have some news for you that might just take some of the concern from your mind. Your Droid was shipped to you with a pre-installed Micro SD card that stores current system software, bundled applications, media (music, videos, pictures). All you need to do is remove the sliding back panel of the Droid and then the battery. The SD card is located in a compartment next to the battery. In addition, your Droid is capable of having your calendar and contacts backed up to the Gmail account that you used to activate and gain access to the internet when you first got the phone!

With all that in mind, you may not need to worry about unlocking the display and simply go ahead with the master reset.


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