Transfer all music, contacts, apps/ Storage
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I will be soon switching to another device. I need to make sure whether all the info is taken off the Droid X and transferred on to the memory card. How can i confirm that all my music, apps, pics, videos, contacts are saved under my memory card so that I can just pop in the memory card into the new device and get all my info back?

Any suggestions

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Re: Transfer all music, contacts, apps/ Storage

use the included usb cable to connect phone/pc, pull usb dropdown menu down, select mass storage & necessary drivers should install, mine did with xphome.

in my computer or windows explorer you should see motorola as another drive, click to open & you should see pic/ folders, drag/drop from phone to pc for pics, music, videos.

i'm not sure if you can do the same with the apps, they may need to be downloaded again.

hope this helps.

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