Trying to turn phone back on

I shut my phone off and am trying to turn it back on and am getting nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Re: Trying to turn phone back on
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Does the battery have a charge at all? I've experienced trying to turn on a phone or tablet where the battery wasn't charged. Try a different charger (maybe a PC USB port) and another cable, say that of a co-worker or friend. Let the device charge for 20min, then try to turn it on again. If that works, maybe your charger or cable are no longer good.

You might want to try waking it up, by booting into recovery, and maybe doing a Factory Data Reset (but you'll lose everything on the device, maybe instead of the FDR, you could look at this video, and if you get the screen to come alive, I'd try just wiping the cache (which is an option shown on the screen) instead of the FDR:

How To Hard Reset A Motorola Droid Mini Smartphone - YouTube

How old is the device. Maybe you need a new battery. This is involved:

How to replace the battery:

How to Replace Droid Mini Battery EG30 - Short Version - Replaces EG30, SNN59164a, SN5916a - YouTube

Re: Trying to turn phone back on
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We understand your concern, Ralphette81. What was the last thing you were doing on your device before this happened? Have you tried connecting your device to the charger to see what happens?


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