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Unable to activate Droid Mini

Yesterday approximately 5pm I received the new Droid Mini by mail after my old phone's screen fell a foot to the ground and met it's demise. We were really excited to get the Droid Mini going, and had to wait because of Labor day weekend. We took it out of the packaging and followed the instructions. It sat on the activation screen for a long time and finally gave us a message that said "Sorry, we're having trouble activating your phone. Please call (877) 807-4646 from another phone to activate your 4G LTE service". I called the phone number from my fiance's phone. The CSR said she had never seen this issue before and passed us to Technical Support. The error was "Missing Data 214". Technical Support tried to activate the phone from their end with no success. They said it was due to the area we lived in and that the entire area was having this issue. The original CSR gave us her email and a ticket number and asked us to wait a few hours and she would email us or call us back as soon as the error was resolved.

We called Bestbuy to see if they were experiencing problems as well, they were not. At this point we felt like they had no idea what happened and we were being lied to.

Approximately 11pm we called Verizon again because we were still unable to activate it and we had not heard from anyone. The person who helped us told us he had a few backdoor tricks that may be able to get it up and running. He activated the phone without trouble on my fiance's line. So the issue was activating it on my phone line. We tried different SIM cards, moving the phone lines to different accounts and it failed every time. It was only an issue with the primary account activating the phone. They were unable to activate it and gave us the "Master Ticket" number for everyone experiencing this issue and said it would be resolved by morning likely, because it was becoming a larger problem.

10:20 this morning I called again because it still could not activate and we had not heard anything from anyone. At this point I have wasted more than a few hours on the phone with no success. They told us the same things, tried some more "tricks" and were unable to get it up and running even though the different things this CSR and the previous had tried actually made sense. It still gave him the "Missing Data 214".

It is now 3:30 pm, no one has contacted us and it still will not activate. No one has offered to have us take the phone to a verizon store and trade it out to see if the issue is the SIM card or simply the phone itself. If it were an account issue I would think that would be resolved when they completely changed accounts. Since the phone could activate on my fiance's line that seems even more strange.

Any answers yet for anyone else?

Re: Unable to activate Droid Mini

Same problem here... Just keep trying till you get a message with a number you can call. The automated calling system cleared everything up.