Unlock slide will not work

I'm amazed that my (original) Droid 2 has lasted almost 2 years with miminal problems (other than a internal cracked screen which I've gotten used to) until last night. I was going to look at a message on my phone and when I tried to unlock my phone with the lock slide on my phone it didn't respond. I couldn't power off the phone without taking out the battery. Even after that, it would only work (the slide) when I re-started the phone the first time then once I "put it asleep"/turned off the screen it wouldn't respond again. In fact, nothing on the screen responded. I have uninstalled some apps and put in safe mode but the problem still exists. I know my contract is almost up (like literary 6 weeks) but I'm really tempted to step down to an old phone (EvTouch -- amazing it still works great!) I have until I can afford to upgrade. Really, I want my phone fixed but with seeing all the drama with Droid 2 that looks to be impossible.

Re: Unlock slide will not work
Customer Service Rep

Hi Bad4magik,

Oh no! I know how important it is to have a properly working phone that you really like. The Droid 2 is an awesome device, so lets get your phone fixed! If your phone screen is no longer responding, the screen software maybe corrupted. Try an Alternate Hard Reset http://bit.ly/vWYcLK on the device. This does not require the touchscreen to work until the reset has completed. The Reset will attempt to repair the screen software, by restoring the device back to factory defaults. Hope this helps!

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