Update Ruined Everything

So, my incredible loves to persistently ask me to update and I always tell it no. Yesterday, I finally hit yes to get it to shut up. It told me it was going to reboot, but nothing happened. Today around noon, the phone started to freeze and told me my android phone wasn't responding and that I should force it to close (Like an application) I hit force close and then it kept asking me to force close the application called "android phone". Finally, I just pulled the battery. When I tried to reboot, the phone kept cycling through the turn on sequence over and over and over for 15 minutes. Once the phone booted, a pop up told me the update was successful. All my storage had been formatted except for music. I can only access 50% of my apps. When I try to access certain ones, a pop up tells me the application isn't responding and I should force close it. I have tried taking out my SD card and recharging and battery changes. Nothing has worked. I can't even sync my contacts. It says my sync function is down, but will be back up shortly. I'm beyond ticked. I had important data on my phone.

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Hello Annoyed1996,

Oh No! I'm extremely sorry to learn of the issues that are occuring with your wireless device. I absolutely understand the importance of having a fully functional device at all times. I have been in a similar situation before as well. The good news is, I know exactly how to fix this. It seems that your software was not physically loaded correctly. In order to correct this issue please visit http://vz.to/oOaRQt. Please keep us posted of results after completing, thanks!

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