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Update causing safemode reboot

since the Jellybean update, I have problems turning the phone off at night.  Keeps rebooting after I click "power off"!  It will do this three times before finally powering down.

other but less pressing issues, keep getting the same "wi fi connection not available" error and when I try to follow the instructions on the screen to fix it, the error disappears before I can get all of the requested info in then comes back hours later

The Fat Secret Calorie Counter app is doing this weird screen overlap thing...never seen that before. and the widget for FSCC doesn't keep up with the current calorie count.

Just a note to the engineers:  Don't change my fonts and colors!  it is annoying!  major changes to functions (say the ringer "mute" function) that cause me to have to read a new owner's manual don't endear you to me.  I actually cuss you for them.

Have loved the phone for 1.5 years.  Stop fixing things that are NOT Broken!

Re: Update causing safemode reboot
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

You might try a system cache clear; it won't affect your data/settings, but may help with some of the squirrely issues after JB:

Power down phone

Hold volume up/down & power simultaneously until you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu

Use volume down to navigate to 'Recovery', use volume up to select

Should see screen with triangle and exclamation point next to an Android

Press volume up/down simultaneously to go into system recovery

Use volume rocker to navigate to 'wipe cache' and use power button to select

Once finished, use volume rocker to navigate to 'reboot system now' and use power button to select