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VZ nav loses gps....

I have had my Droid x for almost two years, love it. I am an avid user of VZ Nav when I travel, especially at night. In August I noticed it would start to nav, then lose GPS. Went to a store, they had no solution, except to refund two months service fee and delete it from my phone. I waited a week, loaded it again, same problem, and got lost driving at night. I called tek support 3 days ago, they had me do a factory reset. Grrrr. I'm still having the same problem. I did ensure the compass was calibrated, although that wouldn't make any difference. The google navigator quite often shows my house in a different area, it seems sensitive, so I have to play with it. I really like my VZ Nav and want it to work. From talking to my tekkie friend, he said it is a VZ problem, and not the phone. So,in three cities, that are very large, I lose GPS according to VZ, however if I make a post to Facebook it can post my picture with a location tag that is correct.

I would appreciate any assistance that doesn't void my warranty.


Re: VZ nav loses gps....
Customer Support

Hi notteksaavy,

I want you to have the VZNavigator service work when you need it. Let's review what else can be done to pinpoint the trouble. Can you please confirm if you've used the "Navigation" provided by Google with success? We want to verify that moving GPS is working fine. I want you to please go to Google Play -> click Menu and My Apps -> locate and click VZNavigator -> uncheck Allow automatic updating -> check if it allows you to uninstall. If it does please click this and uninstall any updates. It will take you to the initial application installed. Try using this and verify if it works.

Thank you,
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Re: VZ nav loses gps....

Thankyou for trying to assist me!!!!

Yes, the Navigation by Google works just fine, however it does currently show my location one block to the east..

I always have allowed VZ nav to allow automatic updating, however I will follow your instructions to uncheck that. I am uninstalling....

I will shut my phone off and turn it back on.

It shows my location "near  (city) (state).

I am clicking on a "recent" navigation, we'll see how it goes.....getting route.....getting gps.....still trying to get gps....

Dangit!!! I got the killer "No GPS" red icon.