Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?

Hey Verizon,

I wonder if you actively read/censor these forums because here is my question:

Why do you continue to sell/support awful phones such as the HTC Incredible?

I'm on my 2nd Incredible which is properly updated, yadda yadda yadda. It still suffers from common issues that YOU DENY exist. I'm on my second replacement phone (due to a reboot loop, which although was well documented in various parts of the internet you swear didn't exist) which now exhibits the same issues (only now it's out of warranty, convenient for you, yeah?). Of course, despite a multitude of internet posts, youtube videos showcasing the behavior, etc., you swear it doesn't exist. So my question to you is why do you continue to ally yourselves with such shoddy products/maufacturers?

Certainly you must expect that people will be upset when they purchase a device that doesn't last the terms of your 2-year contract (I'm up in December, and you can bet I'm not continuing)? Certainly you must feel the financial letdown from folks cancelling after their 2-years are up and jumping ship to ATT, T-Mobile, Virgin, or (the really smart) deciding US wireless is a sham? I'm assuming this must hit your bottom line or your shareholders somehow?

I'm sure your average smartphone user doesn't want to remove his/her SD card periodically to prevent (temporarily) reboots, and doesn't want to factory reset their phone to get an OTA update that YOU KNOW is faulty. My phone rarely operates free of issue as a phone, free of issue as a camera, or free of issue as a smartphone. Of course yes, I know those problems that many people are having and have documented on these forums and others don't exist (in your minds at least) but humor me here. 

Why do you continue to push devices you know are sub-par and you know won't last? What do you expect to gain?

Personally, I'm free from my 2-year contract (wish I could have had a phone that lasted that long) in about 60 days, which is a huge relief because I've grown tired of paying for 4G LTE service when the majority of the time I'm in 1X (not to mention your illegal data throttling on my Grandfathered "unlimited" account once I've hit the 2GB limit that I never agreed to. Breach of contract anyone?), at which point I'll be dropping your business forever. So, one account soon to be down, how is that business model working for you Verizon?

If you've made it this far (and if this post is miraculously not deleted) I urge you:

Consumer: drop these bastards as soon as you can.

Verizon: get in touch with me, you've got all my info. Lend me a phone that will work (a WORKING phone, one capable of sending/receiving calls without random reboots) until Dec 06th and after that I'll send it back to you along with my last payment and we'll  never have to converse again.

If you're in a similar boat forum members, please chime in.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?
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My Incredible was lovely. Didn't have a single issue with it. Traded it in for a Moto Razr M and somehow I feel like I ditched an old faithful friend. My first Razr M crapped out and let me down. Had to exchange it for another one.  Sure Verizon's expensive and their data allowances are meager, miniscule and paltry, but I can live with that for now. So everyone's experience is different. Sorry you've had issues with your Droid Inc.

Re: Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?
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I've had two HTC devices with Verizon, first the Eris, more the Rezound, both of which have been near perfect. My plan is to continue using HTC's devices on Verizon.

Re: Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?
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Sorry to hear about these issues. We have two Incredible 2s in our house and they've both been nearly flawless. I say nearly because I once did a factory reset, which took maybe 2 hours of my time to get everything back in place.

Re: Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?
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incedible has been been nothing but issues the   battery life sucks the 1x service  when its sppose to be at least 3x everything hut thery seem to be the only company where u get service everywhere which blows cuz there phones (removed inappropriate content as per VZW ToS)

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Re: Verizon, why is HTC Incredible such an awful device?
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Hello jaredpc,
I understand how important it is to have an operable device and I would love to assist!  Please DM me your name and mobile number for further assistance.  Thank you.

Tominque B.
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