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Verizons lack of concern for its customers after Update Fiasco

I, like many of you have recently gone through the fiasco that is the last update. I was awakened at 2am by my phones repeated bootloop. After 4 days of trying to get this straight with Verizon Support they finally told me it was an HTC issue and their was nothing they could do until HTC fixed it. They then referred me to do a Google search for the various forums to see if anyone else had a solution.

What I finally had to do was a Factory Reset. Now the phone works almost as it did before. I say almost as now it seems to be faster when I turn it on or when I shut it down.

Now my biggest problem, is that I want to be compensated for the time lost that my phone was basically inoperable. During those 4 days, my WiFi was not working, and I could make calls. Nor could I use most of the apps without the phone freezing. I could text and use the Twitter app. Thats about it. And not to mention the sleepless nights I had because my phone would start looping at 2am.

Like with any other business in the world, if you have a problem with the service or the product, they offer you a discount. If I made Verizon a cheeseburger at work, and they were not satisfied with it, a manager would comp the meal and offer a replacement. It like that in lots of industries. But Verizon seems to be different. First they start with the denial. Nothing is wrong. Until they are swamped with calls about the problem. Then they pass the buck. Or its an HTC problem. But what it really boils down to, is that it becomes my problem. ME A PAYING CUSTOMER!

Do the right thing Verizon.

Re: Verizons lack of concern for its customers after Update Fiasco

They won't and why would they?  You and a handful of others would need to seek legal council and investigate class action litigation against vzw and htc. 

Re: Verizons lack of concern for its customers after Update Fiasco

I got the low memory error.  They told me to just get a new device.  But they're the ones who pushed out an "update" that makes the device think its got less memory than it actually has, which interferes and ultimately eliminates the device's operations.  As a result, the owner is forced to get a new device, and either to take the 2G plan, or pay an extra $350 for the replacement device.  (VZW will offer to provide a replacement Incredible, but the problem will reoccur because the issue is with the software, not the hardware.)  It's an incredibly poor and, I believe, unlawful business practice.  Small claims court seems sensible - a class action would be even better.  I've sent complaints to the FCC, the FTC and the New York State Attorney General's office.  Online complaints are easy to file and, in my view, well-founded.