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Very bad last OS Update

The last update to the Bionic is really bad.  It makes the initial screen look a little stretched.  It took away the timer function on the clock.  It took away the "increasing volume" option on the alarm clock, it took away the ability to set silence mode silence but vibrate or silence and no vibrate from the main settings>Volume menu, and several other things.  This is just a very small list of many of the features that are no longer on the phone since the last update (4.1.2. build date Mar 8 2013)  Everyone at work who has Bionics (and there are many) are all about ready to dump them.  Verizon, if you have any way to pass this on to the OS developers, please do.

Re: Very bad last OS Update
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Motorola wanted to give the phones a more stock Jelly Bean Android operating system.  Some of the features that were removed were common features of Motorola, not the Android OS.

Some of the changes I like and some I don't.  I've found apps in the Play Store and other workarounds for the things that I miss having, like a timer.