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WIFI turns off, restart only works

For about 6 weeks now I've been having this problem.  When I cold start my phone, WIFI is picked up (either at work or home) but then in 2-3 hours, the WIFI is no longer recognized or sometimes even turned off.  I can't get it to be re-recognized or to turn back on unless I restart the entire phone.  I have to do this 4-6 times a day.  Any suggestions?  I got this phone from Verizon in July 2012, so wasn't sure what to do.  I'd prefer not to lose all my information, as my phone is my lifeline for business and personal use.

Re: WIFI turns off, restart only works
Customer Support

Hey melbrett!

With the amount of time I spend hooked up to Wi-Fi, six weeks is far too long to be having these persisting issues. So, I'm happy to let you know you've got the right guy on the line here to help fix matters ASAP.

Now, it's definitely very weird that Wi-Fi is disconnecting so frequently whether it's through non-recognition or simply just being turned off. And you certainly shouldn't have to restart your phone to get it to work again. First, I would start by removing the connection manually . Then re-add and test. If you still notice problems, put your device into safe mode . That will disable all third party apps so we can isolate the issue better if Wi-Fi has no issues. No need to worry about a hard reset just yet plus the phone is fairly new. Please give that a shot and keep us updated.

VZW Support
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Re: WIFI turns off, restart only works

Wow, six weeks PLUS eight days for Verizon to respond. That is sorry. Not the 6 weeks, but the 8 days...

Anyway Melbrett, you might want to look into Juice Defender or Juice Defender Plus. This app not only will help extend battery life when idle and other situations (I see upwards of 40% longer battery life using Juice Defender), but as you move in and out of area with wireless service, and you have set up a connection record for the network, it will switch you automatically from mobile network to the wireless network. Maybe this in itself will help your phone maintain active wireless service.

Hope this helps!