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Wall charger not working but car charger does...???

I recently purchased a new wall charger since my other one stopped working and it worked fine for a few days and now it barely works. When I first plug it into the wall socket and then into my phone, it charges for about a minute then it stops charging. But when I connect my phone to my car charger it works fine. What could possibly be the problem? Did I just purchase a defective wall charger? And if so, why would it charge for the minute when it is plugged into a new wall socket? Thanks for feedback!

Re: Wall charger not working but car charger does...???
Customer Support

That is certainly strange, FRANCHISE. I know how important it is to get a great charge on your phone. Since your phone charges fine with your car charger, let's take a closer look at this home charger. Where did you buy it from? Is it a Motorola charger, or a generic universal charger? If you take a look at the end of the charger that plugs into the port of your phone, do you notice any debris stuck on/in the end of the charger? I'll be looking forward to hearing more details from you.

Thank you

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